The Word Vikings comes from old Norse -Vikingr and our goods friends from Norway are our closest cousins.

The Vikings were seafaring North Germanic people who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic Islands from the late 8th to the mid 11th centuries.

The Vikings used wooden Longships consisting of wide, shallow-draft hulls, allowing navigation in rough seas or, in shallow river waters. The ships could be landed on beaches and their light weight allowed them to be hauled over portages.

The versatile ships made it possible for the Vikings to travel as far as Constantinople and the Volga River, Russia in the east, as far as Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland in the west and as far south as Nekor.
This period of expansion is known as the Viking Age and constitutes an important element of medieval history of Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia and the rest of Europe.
The received views of the Vikings as violent brutes or intrepid adventurers owe much to the modern Viking myth that had taken shape by the early 20th century. Current popular representations are typically highly cliched, presenting the Vikings as familiar caricatures.

Malahide became a persistent settlement from the coming of the Vikings who landed in 795 AD and used Malahide Estuary as a convenient base. The Danes were resident in 897 A.D. Mc Turkill, the last Danish king of Dublin retired to Malahide in 1171 from whom the Normans took over in 1185.

Biscayne House Details

Biscayne House Bed & Breakfast 57 Biscayne, Coast Road, Malahide, County Dublin.

Biscayne House is located just outside the picturesque village of Malahide, north of Dublin city. The Business was established in 1997 and is owned and managed by Roger and Wannipa Geraghty.
The combination of Irish and Thai nationality ensures that every guest receives a very warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

There are lovely views overlooking the Irish sea at the front.

Convenient to Malahide Castle, scenic walks, fishing, swimming, sailing amenities, sandy beaches, sports clubs and there are several excellent pubs and restaurants within walking distance.

Getting to Biscayne House and Malahide

Biscayne House B&B is just 10 minutes drive from Dublin Airport.

There is a bus service to and from Dublin Airport – Number 102
The Timetable can be viewed at –

The bus service from the airport costs €2.50 per person.

There is a local Taxi service available to any destination and early Airport runs.
Taxis to and from the Airport cost approximately €20.
The number 32 is the best bus to take when travelling from Dublin City to Biscayne House.
The bus leaves from Lower Abbey Street in the city centre approximately every forty five minutes.
The bus stop is 100 metres from Biscayne House.
The bus fare to and from the city is €2.80 each way

There is also a rail service to and from the city centre in the centre of the village.

Travelling by bus from Dublin Airport to Biscayne House, take the number 102 all the way to Malahide and stay on the bus through the village and up the coast road. Get off at the 2nd Bus Stop after Oscar Taylor’s Steak House and the Island View Hotel.
When you get off the bus walk back 100 metres towards Malahide and the entrance to Biscayne is across the road.
You’ll see the finger post sign for Biscayne House and we are number 57 up on the corner.

Travelling by car, go through Malahide village and up the Coast Road. Take the second turn right after Oscar Taylor’s Steak House and the Island View Hotel. At the turn into Biscayne, you’ll see a finger post sign saying “Biscayne House keep left” and we are number 57 up on the corner.

Any problems ring us at 01-8541459 or 086-2316478

Roger & Wannipa Geraghty