Gilbert & Wright’s is a 15 minute walk or two minutes drive from Biscayne House. The unique establishment has taken the vibrant town Malahide by storm and we guarantee during your visit you’ll be tempted to either sing or dance.
Attracting a broad mix of people, it has quickly established a name for its relaxed, informal yet intimate atmosphere with a ‘70s retro vibe.
It’s the place to be to enjoy a drink with friends or casual bistro-style food, with the iconic music of the Seventies in the background.

Whether you lived through the Seventies or simply appreciate the cultural aspects of that decade, the Gilbert & Wright offering will raise an eyebrow or two and bring a smile to your face!
From older-style wooden floors and occasional shag-pile carpets to free-standing lamps with their strange-shaped shades and stacked sound speakers/woofers, this is the ‘70s re-visited in no uncertain way.

Music icons of the era – from Blondie to Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix to The Doors – feature on specially commissioned wall paintings while framed album covers and platinum record awards adorn other walls. Funky chintzy wallpaper – covered in one case with ducks flying in formation! – add to the distinctive ‘70s feel.

Mix ‘n match couches with soft seating and leopard-skin cushion covers, a manual typewriter, old dial-up telephones, an assortment of tables and chairs and other memorabilia are all reminiscent of the Seventies era.

No matter what your preference of drink, Gilbert & Wright can satisfy most tastes – complemented by casual bistro-style food – an experience enhanced by classic music of the Seventies.

To use the vernacular of the time, ‘be there or be square’!

Roger & Wannipa Geraghty